About Us

What’s in it for me?

More than £480,000 in prizes and £1.6 million every year to enhance the lives of all in the Royal Navy through grants to reduce the personal contributions for those taking part in sport, AT and challenging activities. Your Sports Lottery also provides some items of sports equipment – so although you may not have won a cash prize yet, you have almost certainly already benefited from the funding provided.

Why do we need a Sports Lottery?

The RN/RM Sports Lottery (RNSL) was set up in 1991 to generate non-public funds to support all levels of sport, adventure training and recreation in the Royal Navy.  This is achieved by enhancing existing public funds (money provided through the MOD) and by granting funds for approved activities and equipment that fall outside the scope of public funding.

Who can join?

Serving RN/RM and RNR/RMR personnel are eligible to join the RNSL and membership is mandatory in order to benefit from direct grants that have a Lottery funding element. To date, 88% of the Royal Navy are members.

Where does the money go?

Prizes - weekly lottery draws
10 %
Direct grants to ships/units/establishments
15 %
Indirect grants to Associations/Regions
10 %
Major Grants for large projects
5 %
Running Costs
0 %

How do I know it is fair and properly managed?

The RNSL is licensed through the Gambling Commission (Government Department).  Every ticket paid for is entered into a weekly draw (52 separate lotteries) and winners are selected using a Gambling Commission approved computer random number generator. Every TICKET PAID FOR GOES INTO EVERY DRAW and all valid tickets therefore have the same chance of winning in every weekly draw.

What can I win?

1st - £5,000

2nd - £1,800

3rd - £800

4th - £600

5th - £500

6th - £400

In addition there are extra monthly draws of 10 prizes of £100.

How do I know if I have won?

Prize winners will be notified by email and draw results will be published on the website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and change MOD Net.

How do I pay and how much?

Lottery tickets are 75p per ticket per week and, for those paid through JPA, payments are taken from pay each month until a participant decides to withdraw or leave the Service.

Applicants may purchase up to a maximum of six tickets each week so that:

Fulltime Navy

1 ticket / £3 per month

2 tickets / £6 per month

3 tickets / £9 per month

4 tickets / £12 per month

5 tickets / £15 per month

6 tickets / £18 per month


1 ticket / £3.25 per month

2 tickets / £6.50 per month

3 tickets / £9.75 per month

4 tickets / £13.00 per month

5 tickets / £16.25 per month

6 tickets / £19.50 per month

(Note: Although there are 52 draws per year, JPA statements will reflect some months with 5 draws (5 Saturdays) as 5x weekly ticket holdings).

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